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Insurance & risk management consulting

MSG is committed to building client confidence, satisfaction and loyalty, by protecting your assets and providing you with a competitive advantage in your business environment. To achieve these strategic goals, MSG will design a risk management program and provide consistent counsel of your insurance program by performing changes, conducting special circumstance analyses, managing claims, and assisting with loss control.

Insurance Policy and Claims History Audit
MSG will review, or "audit", your current risk management program and insurance policies to provide extensive recommendations to ensure that your coverage will help you accomplish your strategic goals. We accomplish this by combining our experience and knowledge of appropriate risk transfer solutions with information that we gather about your business operations. The audit will point out strengths as well as all areas of deficiencies of current insurance policies, binders or proposals and will include an analysis of all forms, endorsements, terms, conditions and exclusions. It will also make recommendations for coverage improvements to increase ROI while protecting business assets. Once we have reviewed your audits, we are prepared to renegotiate the terms and conditions of your insurance contracts and re-market your insurance policies. We drive competition via multiple insurers and brokers. Our marketing clout and extensive relationships are utilized to improve coverage and reduce premiums.

We at MSG are not duty bound to find fault in our clients’ insurance programs. The fact is when our firm is hired on a client’s behalf, we analyze the specific needs and an appropriate program is developed to assist clients with the risks they face everyday. The ultimate goal of mitigating long term catastrophic risks and protection of business assets is accomplished through our services. We assure our clients have the most optimal coverage and broadest terms and conditions available in the insurance marketplace, while enjoying the lowest possible premiums.

Independent Marketing Process
MSG's consultants manage the marketing process with a complete independent perspective which creates a highly competitive atmosphere that motivates the insurers to produce their most aggressive proposals. Individualized specifications are designed for the exposures of each client and embody important clauses, and terms and conditions which facilitate the risk transfer via the insurance contract. The marketing strategy consists of:

  • Drafting a renewal action plan and timeline, determining underwriting information required and assist in development
  • Discussing specialized programs, standard markets and alternative risk financing
  • Review of underwriting information and account service requirements with the client
  • Preparing underwriting packages for brokers and/or direct writers, including specifications, schedule of locations and values, loss runs, etc.

MSG negotiates on behalf of the client with brokers and underwriters, reviewing and explaining specifications, coverages and service requirements. Upon receipt of quotations, MSG will review each quote diligently and present a comparison report to the client for review along with recommendations. Once the client selects the appropriate program, MSG will coordinate the transition of the new risk management program.

Risk Management Support
MSG will manage your risk management program throughout the year and will perform changes when necessary. Risk management support consists of the following:

  • Meeting with the liability insurance company to confirm service expectations, i.e. loss runs to be received on a quarterly basis, and claim review meetings, etc.
  • Follow up on all outstanding endorsements and once received, review for accuracy
  • Review the insurance section of all of your proposed contracts. Making certain all insurance coverage received from subcontractors and tenants is appropriate. Also confirm that insurance coverage is in compliance with your contractual obligations.
  • Meet with client on a regular basis to discuss changes in exposures, business operations, etc.
  • Review and negotiate your lender’s insurance requirements as necessary and ensure the terms of your insurance program are satisfactory to the lender.
  • Continually monitor your insurance program to ensure that all assets and exposures are properly covered.
  • On behalf of domestic and foreign financial institutions, MSG is engaged to preform comprehensive reviews of the insurance programs that borrowers have in place. Reviews are also done for tenants at income producing properties and triple net leases to insure the lender requirements. A detailed report is turned around promptly to assist the closing department in finalizing the loan.

MSG will make you aware of the changes we see happening in the marketplace daily, so your decisions are proactive and not reactive.

Specialized Services
MSG provides specialized services through their diverse network of partners to further enhance your risk management program via minimizing exposures and protecting assets.Such services consist of the following:

  • Loss Control Services
  • Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Safety Management Systems
  • OSHA Compliance Audits
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
  • Fall Prevention, Fire Protection, Preventative Maintenance & Disaster Preparedness Programs
  • Vendor Selection Consulting
  • Environmental Risk Management Services
  • Letter of Credit/Collateral Reviews
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Flood Certification Reviews