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MSG Consulting, Inc. is a premier global consulting firm specializing in risk management and insurance. With over 100 years of combined insurance expertise at the senior management level, MSG has positioned itself as a world leader to provide its clientele with customized and strategic risk management across all industry verticals. We can, and regularly do, handle any risk, anywhere. MSG manages over $1 Billion in property and casualty insurance premiums for our clients which gives us tremendous leverage and buying power in the insurance market place. This also provides access to specialty programs, terms, conditions and pricing which most corporate insurance buyers and insurance brokers are unable to attain. 

Our hands on approach to each risk and insurance program is uniquely paired with an exceptional client-centric model built to support our clients most intricate and complex needs on an efficient and expedient basis. We utilize the latest technology and, in some cases, develop our own to better manage transaction flow and communicate information to our clients.

Unlike brokers and insurance companies, we are compensated solely by fees billed to our clients, the policyholder. Unlike brokers and other third party intermediaries, we are NOT compensated on commission nor do we receive contingent fees from any insurance carriers as these directly link to the dollar amount of insurance that is purchased by the insured. We are not confined to working with certain insurance companies, and we have broker relationships around the globe on six continents. Our clients’ interests are the forefront of our business model and is the sole driver around our negotiating tactics with insurance companies, brokers and other risk management vendors.